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My book on MARIJUANA STOCKS is available on

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THE CANNABIS REPORT is available on

Ted Ohashi provides a free newsletter ( and is a CFA, focusing, primarily, on Canadian marijuana stocks, where his free articles are available on SEEKING ALPHA (e.g.,

I will post links and marijuana stock insights on this website.

Cannabix Technologies Update Feb 16, 2017

I have tracked this stock and (profitably) bought and sold it several times over the past 2 years or so.  Generally, this appears to be a “positive” news release and not a “fluffy” one, in terms of content.  I own and trade this stock.  If history repeats, the stock price will go up for a trading day or two or three, so I am not sure I would take an initial position until it settles down, but price and volume (today and tomorrow) will tell the tale.  Best of luck!