Stocks covered, so far:

1MJNA –      Medical Marijuana Inc                                                 Jan-11

2ERBB –       American Green Inc                                                    Jan-12

3USMJ –      North American Cannabis Holdings Inc                         Jan-17

4UNGS –      Sylios Corp                                                             Jan-17

5ONCI –       On4 Communications Inc                                               Jan-20

6OWCP –      OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp                                    Jan-27

7GRNH –      GreenGro Technologies Inc                                            Jan-24

8MYDX –       MyDx Inc                                                                             Jan-31       

9MJTK –      Cannasys Inc                                                           Feb-03

10PMCB –     Pharmacyte Biotech Inc                                                Feb-06


11MCIG –     mCig, Incorporated                                                     Feb-14

12ACOL –     Acology, Incorporated                                                 Feb-20

13MLCG/PURA –       ML Capital Group, Incorporated &

Puration, Incorporated                                                             Feb-22

14CANN –     General Cannabis Corporation                                          Feb-24

15OGRMF-    Organigram Holdings, Incorporated                                    Feb-28

16GRPOF-     Tetra Bio-Pharma, Incorporated                                                            Mar-06

17SRNA –     Surna, Incorporated                                                                             Mar-10

18CNAB –     United Cannabis Corporation                                                                 Mar-13

19ADVT –     Advantis Corporation                                                                            Mar-17

20BLOZF –    Cannabix Technologies, Incorporated                                                   Mar-20


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