I have charts for more than 200 marijuana stock for 2016.  The “event date” high and low price-per-share patterns continue into 2017.  The portfolio was up more than 50% for January 2017, and up a bit more for February 2017.  U.S. Attorney General comments with respect to DOJ put a bit of a damper on the rally, and, through April 7, 2017, the sector is down about 31% from 2017 year-to-date highs.  Still, Canadian marijuana stocks are likely to benefit from upcoming recreational use legalization formalization, so a “nibble” for these stocks may be warranted, and in the near-term.  I focus on “event dates” and sector moves.  This strategy has worked quite well in the past, and is likely to continue to work well in the future.  See my SEEKING ALPHA articles (free) or subscribe to THE CANNABIS REPORT on IHUB ($30 per month).  I do not make specific stock picks, but feature stocks, where I show you how to use seasonal and event date patterns that repeat, to select entry and exit points to maximize returns.  Have fun!


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